About HSO

HSO aims to reduce the economic, physical and social burden of stroke by optimizing its prevention and management. This requires radical changes in the way people deal with stroke and requires awareness, education and specialization of doctors and health care professionals on one hand and information and awareness of the public on the other.

In this context, HSO promotes stroke-related scientific activities and in particular clinical research and clinical practice, independently or in collaboration with other scientific organizations, university departments, state or private operators.

Our goal is to synthesize and steadily operate a wide collaborative team composed of physicians, nurses, researchers and other professionals like physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists and others involved in the treatment of stroke. HSO follows a strategic plan and operates as a lively, flexible and expanding organization aiming to provide meaningful solutions and suggestions for the benefit of stroke patients.

The ultimate goal of the HSO is to reduce the burden of Stroke in Greece. This can be accomplished through the following objectives of the HSO:

  • To unite all Greek people interested in the treatment of stroke in any level (prevention, treatment, rehabilitation).
  • To promote awareness of society and improve health policy in all stroke aspects.
  • To reduce the overall burden of society by stroke.
  • To organize high-quality educational programs for all interested parties.
  • To increase the number of researchers and health care professionals who have interest in stroke.
  • To encourage and support young and talented scientists to engage in research and stroke management.
  • To promote collaboration between researchers, focusing on the design and conduction of stroke-related studies.
  • To improve stroke management in Greee.
  • To encourage collaboration with other scientific organizations.
  • To inform and urge social stakeholders to increase the funds allocated to research and treatment of stroke.
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The Organization consists of regular, honorary, sponsor, associate and founding members.

  1. A regular member of the Organization may be any citizen holding a medical degree with interest in stroke and the corresponding risk factors exercising his civil rights and who has not been irrevocably sentenced for dishonest action. Regular members of the Organization can have any nationality as far as they reside or work in Greece. They can also be Greek doctors abroad.
  2. Honorary member is proclaimed to be a Greek or foreign scientist who has provided excellent services to science and the Organization. Honorary members are appointed by the General Assembly of the Organization, on a proposal from the Board of Directors.
  3. Sponsors are Institutes, Organizations, Teams, Research Centers, or Laboratories and individuals who support or are associated with the mission and purposes of the Organization. These members pay subscription rights and annual subscription and fulfill the conditions set by the board of directors. They are listed in the list of members of the Organization, they have the right to attend all the meetings of the Organization, but they do not have the right to vote and to stand for election.
  4. Associate member may be any scientist who is not a physician but wishes to offer services to the Organization. Associate members have the right to attend all meetings of the Organization but do not have the right to vote and stand for elections as well as the obligation to pay subscription and annual fee.


In order to acquire the status of a full member, interested parties are invited to submit the following: